We believe in the implicit value of sports in promoting community development. Our organization is built around this philosophy, which is embedded in the code of ethics that is actively exercised by our staff and coaches.

PS4L is part of a global movement that sees sport as far more than simply a pastime, form of entertainment or a game. Sports can be utilized as a life tool capable of impacting in the most positive light.

All PS4L programs/classes are structured and conducted with the purpose of developing integrity, teaching life skills, and playing for the love of the game.

Sports bring people and communities together, highlights commonalities, and bridges cultural and ethnic divides. The fundamental elements of sports make it a highly effective tool for individual and community development.

Promoting health and well-being; reduces the risk of various diseases; generates social upliftment  supports educational advancement, teaches life skills such as HIV/AIDs awareness, and drug prevention.

Sports are especially vital for children and young adults, particularly in supporting the development of their physical and mental health, building beneficial social connections, and providing them with an opportunity to have genuine enjoyment. It also offers a healthier alternative to  destructive activities, such as drug abuse and crime that plague their communities. Additionally, there is evidence of a positive correlation between sports participation and improved academic performance.

The South African story is a troubled one. Many of the divisions created in the past are still prevalent in tensions of today.

The ability sport possesses to bridge divides and promote tolerance between people makes it a vital tool for healing and influencing social change.

PS4L structures all programs to encourage and reiterate the positive changes occur, through sports participation. Our staff and coaches are well equipped with the skills and mindset to promote the vision of PS4L.

We hope this, in turn, equips our disadvantaged to have the skills and mindset to succeed in life.

Our Directors

Our Team that works behind the scenes

Lance Brinders Financial Director


Getting disadvantaged youth off the streets and into a safe environment where they can play, have fun and learn basic values such as teamwork and respect.

Using the sporting environment to educate children in our community about dealing with everyday dangers such as substance abuse, gangsterism, domestic violence and having unprotected sex.

Providing employment opportunities for individuals to give back to their community through a sports medium as well as imparting valuable life skills through workshops and talks.

Encouraging and developing individuals to serve as role models for our community.

Encouraging more girls and women in the community to participate in sport.


PS4L works to get people off the streets and provide them with athletic opportunities on the sports field, while educating and providing them with invaluable life skills in the process.

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