Origin Of Play Sport 4 Life

Our founder member Miles October is an avid sports person and his childhood dream was to be a professional baseball or soccer player. Playing sports such as soccer and baseball taught him some valuable lessons in life – such as – how to be a team player and dealing with victory and defeat. These skills often came in handy during his years in the corporate sector and it helped him to achieve many successes in his life.

A couple of years ago he realized through some very unfortunate circumstances that making money is not the be all and end of life. It made him think that one should also have other goals in life – such as doing good for your fellow man and society. He realized that it was time to do something to give back to society and after serious soul searching. After deep contemplation he realized that he could make a serious contribution to help disadvantaged individuals get ahead in life through sport.

Most of Cape Town’s suburbs find itself under the grip of an epidemic that threatens to derail all our achievements since the fall of apartheid. Widespread gangsterism, excessive crime, drug and alcohol abuse have resulted in a crisis in almost all our suburbs.

It’s against this background that he decided to start Play Sport4Life and based it in a community that he grew up in (Kensington, Cape Town).  Together with a good friend Lance Brinders, Chartered Accountant and family member Kyle Inglis, BA (Hons) in Sports Science and Exercise both from Kensington started the venture to contribute and build a better community in 2014.  As they say, charity begins at home.

“I am hoping that through Play Sport4Life we will be able to get everyone in the community involved in some sort of sporting or recreation activity. I have seen the effect that sport has had on my life and I am confident that it can do the same for the next generation. It will also help to alleviate problems such as substance abuse and gangsterism across South Africa.” – Miles October, Play Sport4Life founder

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