Play Sport4Life runs daily school programs in conjunction with “Life Orientation”, a multi-faceted school subject, which currently forms part of the curriculum with physical education an entity.

We also have quarterly school holiday programs offering half-day activities, and sports clinics aimed at raising the skills level of students and educators.

The EduSport program also features sports leagues accommodating 11 schools across various district codes.

Different sport leagues are organized amongst schools (intra-school) in and around the community, allowing participation in a friendly and non-threatening way. Providing learners with the opportunity to play sport after school promotes a more balanced education that addresses body, mind, and spirit. Allowing the youth to gain an appreciation of sport at school is essential in advocating for a healthier lifestyle. It is important to promote and encourage sports participation which, in addition, helps fight the high rate of obesity that is on the rise among young South African students. The ongoing challenge is to maximize the positive impact, by also helping improve the skill level of educators, and highlighting physical education as a separate imperative (separate from Life Orientation).

An important feature of PS4L activities are the sports tournaments held throughout the year. They provide an opportunity for participants to showcase their athletic skills and abilities to not only their friends, their family, and public, but also a valuable chance to be noticed by talent scouts. The clinics include free meals, a range of prizes, coaching, and refereeing opportunities. Following each tournament, a closing ceremony is held that includes inspirational keynote speeches from prominent community members and musical performances.

Each holiday program highlights a particular life skills component that is run as part of PS4L’s Start Smart Campaign.

The most beneficial impact of sports arguably comes from team building. This is not only for the individuals involved, but all the community. Those that are involved bond, take part in something valuable, developing together. We then form a tight-knit group with the focus on reaching the same goal, which also gives the wider community a team to rally around, support, and also builds a sense of belonging.

PS4L sponsors numerous sports clubs around the Cape Town area. These clubs include the Kenfac Phillies Softball Club, Norway Parks Soccer Club and Maitland Giants Baseball Club. Play Sport 4Life provides functional support depending upon their needs

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