Miles October


Miles has been an active sportsperson since his childhood days. He has played football for Norway Parks and baseball for Maitland Giants, both well-known clubs in the KFM area. He is also an avid squash player and has recently started playing golf as well.

“Sport has always been something that I am really passionate about. When I was growing up I used to dream of becoming a professional baseball or soccer player. In fact, I spent a year in the USA trying to fulfill that dream but gave up too quickly and decided to come home and finish my university studies.

I often wonder how different my life would have been if I had not thrown in the towel so easily.

I have always tried to be active and play sport as much as possible. I believe that it has helped me to stay healthy, focused and disciplined. It has helped me tremendously in the business environment – it was easier for me to become a team player and also to deal with defeat. I learnt those lessons as a youngster on the sportsfield.

‘I am hoping that through Play Sport4Life we will be able to get everyone in the community involved in some sort of sporting or recreation activity. I have seen the effect that sport has had on my life and I am confident that it can do the same for the next generation. It will also help to alleviate problems such as substance abuse and gangsterism in the greater KFM area.” – Miles October, Play Sport4Life founder

PS4L ManagerMiles October