Robbie Arends

Born: 25/11/2001

Robbie has been selected for the South Africa National Team for a 5th successive year and currently ranked top ten with Tennis South Africa in his first year U16.

Robbie is an exceptionally promising young tennis star and currently trains full-time at the Anthony Harris Tennis Academy in Cape Town, South Africa.

He holds the following titles; Western Province Mini 1 Singles Champion, Doubles Champion, Western Province Mini 4 Men’s Open Champion, Doubles Champion, Western Province Mini 5 Men’s Open Champion and Doubles Champion.

Robbie has started playing his first ITF’s in 2016 and has direct acceptance into the Main Draw where he won his first round match of a main draw event. Robbie earned his first ITF points at Grade 3 ITF in Stellenbosch, Cape Town.

PS4L ManagerRobbie Arends